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The four website pages shown in the upper  left corner will help you get better acquainted with the California writer who grew up in Memphis.  All of his stories take place primarily in the picturesque San Diego area, but also have scenes in other parts of the world. In his books you'll meet colorful characters and visit exciting locations that will stick in your mind for the rest of your life. Then again, you may be one of those prudish readers who are offended by explicit sex, even though it’s intrinsic to the story and part of what makes these characters three-dimensional. If so, you might consider skipping this website and his novels, BUT in doing so, you’ll miss reading material that will take you to a new level of enjoyment. Instead, reward your imagination with what it deserves. Continue. You won’t regret it. Regenold puts it like this: 

"The French author, Albert Camus, wrote that 'fiction is the lie through which we tell the truth.' Picasso expressed, 'art is the lie that tells the truth.' As a storyteller, my characters must do, think, and speak their individual truths. Therefore, my stories convey all of their truths and omit nothing… and that includes sex. It’s part of life… my characters’ lives. There’s nothing dirty, nasty, or vulgar about sex. None of us would be here if our parents had not engaged in it. I don’t describe it in my stories to sexually arouse readers. That’s pornography, and I strongly contend I’m not a pornographer. I’m simply expressing the truth... fictionally. Excluding the sex scenes from my stories would be tantamount to deceiving my readers. Sex happens in life. Sex happens in my stories."

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