A native of Memphis, Tennessee and a graduate of Duke University and the Pasadena Playhouse, the author was a photographer for four years in the U. S. Navy. He spent 14 years in banking and 22 in the hospitality field.  He lives with his wife and two sons in the San Diego area, which is the main setting for his novels, all of which are available online as ebooks and paperbacks.

A year after graduation from Memphis Tech High, he joined the Navy on the day following the start of the Korean War. In “Boot Camp” he was chosen Honorman of his company by fellow recruits, went to Airman School in Memphis, then to the Naval School of Photography in Pensacola, Florida. He served as a photographer aboard the battleship New Jersey on the staff of Admiral Harold Martin, Commander of the Seventh Fleet, then spent 13 months at North Island Naval Air Station in San Diego. His last two years in the Navy were at Ford Island in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, where he received a letter of commendation from the Chief of Naval Operations for his photographic work. He also attended night classes at the University of Hawaii, which is where he first thought of writing a novel when he composed a term paper for English 101.

After serving in the military, Regenold graduated from Duke University where he was president of the Duke Players, the student theatrical group. He then attended the Pasadena Playhouse College of Theater Arts where he won the Faculty Scholarship and graduated cum laude.

As a bank manager in San Diego, California, he was president of the Kiwanis Club and won first place in the National Public Speaking Contest for the American Institute of Banking. At San Diego's Old Globe Theatre he was nominated for an Atlas Award for his portrayal of Dr. Gibbs in "Our Town." Later, while working at the Empress Hotel of La Jolla, he was chosen from 30,000 hotel employees in San Diego County as one of the 12 Hosts of the Year.

When he left the Empress Hotel of La Jolla, he began working toward a goal he’s had since the age of 21 in that University of Hawaii English class: writing a novel.
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                                                    Old Photos 

                             Fourth Grade                Aboard battleship New Jersey


                              Ford Island, Pearl Harbor                   In Navy at Waikiki, age 22
                                 Photo Lab, age 22


                             Pasadena Playhouse student               
Pasadena Playhouse Graduation

                                                         At desk, age 80                                               80th birthday with wife Tabby and sons, Jon & Lance



When I was 68 years old and had left my hotel job, I decided to make a video I could send to theatrical agents and possibly get some work on TV commercials, using my experience in acting at Duke, the Pasadena Playhouse, and San Diego's Old Globe Theatre. I spent 10 days making it... writing all the monologues (the voice of a Mexican judge in one scene is actually me on tape), using a camcorder with a remote control, memorizing my lines, and using a lapel microphone. Lotta work, but I had fun… even though my wife—whose head is in one scene—thought I’d lost my mind. After I finished, I did some research and learned that agents for the most part disposed of videos like this without even looking at them. I didn’t mail any. There was one scene with my dog, Rocky, that I deleted. That's why you'll see me mentioning Rocky near the end of this video, but he's not in it. This is part of my biography and may be of interest to you. Click on the link below to watch that video. Here’s the link to it:


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